Monday, April 25, 2016

Limitation Boundary Freedom of Thoughts

It has been quite a while that I did not enter to this Blog of mine. Well I think one must be freelly  Independent to express his thought, however there must be some certain corridor  or  limitation  of  knowledge,  if it relates to the elemen of  "faith" and "believe" system, which  from generation to  generation is or are based on the teachings sourcing from  a certain believer, spread by a messanger who is the proxy and sent by the Creator,  reminding us  that this Universe including live, does not just pop up by accident, but has to be based on a "certain Well Planned  Grand Design made by the "Creator alone", without any help and / or intervention from others, since  human being thoughts are limited to "human being thinking" and not "Godly thinking",  in terms of where do we go after we die, buried  in the ground,   since without any doubt,  there is a limit of age to every person who was ever living in this world. 
  • The precise rational reason, is that  for sure  every person who ever lives in this earth are "not eternal",  but is limited to a certain periode of time or age of living. We all are fully aware that any sickness can be cured except aging,  where like other materials whatsoever form in this world shall have its life time. Human being knowledge is merely  limited to what he can physically see  or could be detected by an instrument like electronic wave or sound and light. However, relating to the soul element, nobody knows what elemen is the soul comprises of  or made of. And once a person dies, physically a Doctor through his diagnosis can  answer the cause of the disfunction of his or her  physical organ, but the soul of such person cannot be detected or be prevented to "Exit" from the physical body of such dying person. 
  • Accordingly, the only rational way to try to get an answer, as to what will happen to the soul of a person who died, cannot be guesed by us as human being, and can only be answered by the Creator who had created this human being. We can't see the Creator of this human being, but based on our faith,  we believe that there must be a Creator who Created this Universe including whatever that is living or is inside this World; FurthermoreThe Creator has to be alive  eternally and continously  to manage and maintain the living and continuing of this Universe, including the world that we are living in. Whether we are a biliever or not,  such human being's soul  must go somewhere to smow place and cannot "just vanish like a dust".    

The logical answer to this is because what ever deeds which are being conducted by a person during his lifetime must be accountably evaluated  so that justice must be made and satisfied by all his or her surroundings during his or her living time. One of the reason is because everything in this world is relative, in the sense from what angle are we each looking or viewing to a matter. 
In light of the above way of thinking, there are certain line where we are limited in our wildest thought to explore the unseen, such as the ALL Mighty, as well as the question as to where are the souls of our relatives and friends who had passed away.
Accordingly the answer to this principal and essential questions, must be based on the information directly from the Creator so that we can  hold  to something more "Solid and Certain" to avoid confuseness and misleading or distraction of direction or path that we will be  going  or achieving  in this temporary life. This will follow to  how must we behave rightfully  in this temporary life that we each have regarding attaching to our age or life time in this world that we are living.
The other Significant Question is perhaps : Is this World that we are living  everlasting and eternal ? or is the world also has a certain period of life  time ? Again to seek the satisfied answer, we cannot based  it  on our wild guessing or thinking, but has to be based on a  correct and perfect information from the Creator of this World, who had created this World including the Galaxy, which of course comes or reached to the Boundary of "Faith".  Accordingly, in the frame thought of the above ilustration, we believe that  freedom of thought has "its limit and boundary", if it talks or try to seek the answer, as to where will a dead person goes after this life in this world,   since a person is undoubtly   limited  of age in terms of living;  Whereby  the world that we are living, according the the Scientist of Earth Knowledge has been already there for hundreds or even thousand of years, which triggers another questuion as to  for how long will this world be there in this Universe.  
Jakarta, 25 April 2016
Agung Supomo Suleiman
Agung Spiritual Blog 


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