Friday, October 19, 2012

Corridor Of Freedom

Indonesia is in the stage experiencing freedom of expression, however, there must also be certain corridor that has to be followed by this freedom of expression,  which  based on our experience in the real life,  among others are that you must not insult others faith or believe system. You can of course debate and discuss upon certain items relating to this faith issue, but not by insulting or conducting any provocative action, which could disturb social unrest.
  •  There are certain process and progress of learning and educating which had to be followed by a Nation in implementing this freedom of expression; There must not be double standard, which we sometimes  felt are being applied by a big country such as United States of America. In applying Limitation of Nuclear, there appears to be a double standard approach conducted by USA. 
This also are felt when George Bush attacked Iraq, where they claimed that there was a Mass Destruction Weapon done by Sadam Husein or the Authorized Rezime during such period, which in fact was never found nor proven; However, Bush was never trialed of attacking other Nations Territory in the International Tribunal, without any solid legal reasons. So we can see that there are frequently double standard being applied in the real world.      
in Indonesia, the recent victory of Jakarta's Election Governor demonstrated that People's Voters can defeat the Big Politic's  power. However, the next challenge is how in reality will this New Governor cope with all the multi complex problem in  Jakarta. 

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