Saturday, February 19, 2011

I like Writting

Yes, I do not why but I really like to express my thoughts in my Blogs. It makes me alive and I feel really exiting in writing in my Blog. Maybe by nature a human being needs to express his feelings and thoughts. When I feel empty and stressful, I start opening my Computer and starts expressing my self in this computer of mine. Today the weather outside is shiny, even though it is in the afternoon. 

Yes, today is saturday afternoon, it is quite silence outside. You can hear the wind blow and see the sun light from your window. The important thing is that you can do whatever you want if you are writing. It is a freedom media in this modern digital Era. You are free to express your thoughts and ideas.You are what you are. You cannot be changed by others judgments.

You have to have commitments in your live. But you also need some times to be alone, and start evaluating yourself. There are always the ups and downs in life. The important thing is you have to be strong and tough.  

You have to focus on the wants and needs in your life journey. For me I really like writing in my blog, Well folks see you on the same channel and same blog Cheers and Good Luck 
Jakarta Saturday 19 February 2011

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