Thursday, February 3, 2011

Freedom Will

We have to maintain our freedom will to the extent it is not against the belief principles that we  are required to plant it in our heart through honesty and well trust as a human being. Nobody is perfect in this world. the fences of our willIngness to explore our life is guided by the belief system that the Creator of this Universe is ALLAH the ALMIGHTY  where we have to have faith in believing that this Universe is Created by ALLAH the  ALMIGHTY One.

Thus we have to be afraid only to ALLAH since everybody in this Universe is limited and are not perfect. We all have weakness and strength. Nobody is Superman. Everybody needs others to comingle and cooperate and energize with each other.One has to have a character in his attitude. Once in a while you can relax and enjoy by going to the mall with your family and enjoy dringking coffee.  This will  release your stressful working life. But after you regain your power and strenght you can start working and drafting contracts if you are a Business Lawyer as your profession.

Life is really something that we  have to learn in our  day to day life. It is a life process that have to be experienced by every person in their unique manner and style. There is the ups and the downs. You cannot win them all. The important thing is that you have to learn from your mistakes and failure.  Rome is not build in one day.

So just keep on moving on forward and do not be afraid of making and learning new moves in exploring your live. Sorry I have to start working on my drafting contracts due to the dead line schedule attached to my professional task.
3rd January, 2011
Agung S.Suleiman

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