Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Money is an illusion

Yes, money is an illusion. So long as you can sell  a product or your expertise whatever your expertise is you can gain money. If you are not able to sell your product, you have  no cash in, for which you cannot even purchase a cup of  ice cream. But if you can sell your product or expertise to the person or your customer, for which you are being paid, you have the potential purchase power of buying lots cups of ice cream. 

 Thus there must be some kind of product or expertise that you can sell.  It could be selling newspapers, some kind of services that may be benefit or needed or required by some person.The issue shall than be what product, service or expertise can you sell ?  Who is your target market. Why is it so hard to seek for someone who are willing to use or buy your expertise, service or product. You have to establish your market or networks. If you already have an expertise, service or product to sell, you have to seek for your target market or customer. There are many competitors selling the same product, service or expertise that you are selling. How can you compete with your competitors. Why is someone success in marketing their product and service while others cannot capture their market share

Is there certain  knowledge, skills, talent,  or experience or more power influence or luck  that you have to gain, to be able to sell your services, products or expertise ? Must there be a brand or identity or image that you have to establish ?  Is it just by incident or must there be a plan to capture your market or networks ? Is blogging part of the market strategy that may be able to develop your networks
It is really tough. Even though you have been experiencing near to 12 Years of self experience being self employed, it does not automatically results captive market. You must always continue on marketing and exposing your self, and be tough and patient to achieve  the by product of being known as an expertise in selling your product or service.

Thus,  once you hit your market share and network which recognize your consistency and  expertise of service or products,  with the permit of the ALL Mighty you may  start  establishing your customers cycle and commence building your cash in resulting  your  money to flow into your pocket and create your purchasing power. Thus money is really an illusion.    

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