Tuesday, June 8, 2010

12 Years of Independency

Wouw !! Really it had been 12 Years since 1 June 1998,  I have tasted the freedom of life of not being under the control of any Direct Boss except as Business Lawyer relation  between Client and the Business Lawyer. There are the minus and the plus if you are on your own. 

You may be free but your cash-flow  is like a  Roller Coaster. For sure the significant facts of life is that live goes on every Year where for every Year for calculation purposes there are 12 Months. Relating to be freedom, every day of every week and  every week of every months you need to have monies to accommodate your needs. 

  • There are the needs of the Special Purpose Vehicle ("SPV")  for conducting your freedom ventures which can be a  Firm which for me  is a Law Firm now called Suleiman Agung & Co.  
Sometimes the cash in is in the beginning of the Year, but it could be on the middle of the Year with the meaning there are no cash in for the first 6 months of the running Year. There may  be  instances that the cash-in is between the first 6 month or  at the end or in between the second half  of the running Year.
    • Based on my above personal experience, in being 12 Years independent  the amount of the cash-in may differ one to the other of every running Year. This of course may really affect the condition of your family needs. There are even  events  where your family monies will absorb the negative cash flow of your SPV. And you may wonder whether these monies will have its return or pay off or just for a long time sink in your Venture  without knowing when it will be returned back  through cash-in from your Venture
  • Thus selecting yourself as an independent life is not easy. There are sacrifices  in terms of cash flows and also in terms of mental and physical health. But I have the perception that as long as we live,  there are always the ups of downs in  live, where you may be surprised that  you may experienced of being called by your potential Customer to assist them as their Corporate Lawyer in running  their business ventures. 
  • Well,  the result of being independent in one field may take a long time and process, but by having done the real and actual  experience of being independent on your own in a certain professional field, you may not realize that you have been known by your contacts, networks, or friends or from mouth to mouth in the business community,  which with the permit of the Creator of this life,  you have market yourself through your professional Vehicle to be expertise or at least known of specializing in a certain field of professional venture.
  •  As a Believer you have the faith that Life is only twice, where the  first life is  in this temporary world and the second life is in the Day of Hereafter after we die. Whether  we like it or not, every person will die when the time as determined by the Creator has come, where we as a person cannot delay such time, because it is The Creator's Sole Discretion  

  • The Important thing is that we must be aware  of this life progress and must always be aware of the things that we are doing since we are accountable of all the things that we are doing in this world      


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    Man proposes, God disposes...................................................................

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    yes you are right