Tuesday, June 8, 2010

12 Years of Independency

Wouw !! Really it had been 12 Years since 1 June 1998,  I have tasted the freedom of life of not being under the control of any Direct Boss except as Business Lawyer relation  between Client and the Business Lawyer. There are the minus and the plus if you are on your own. 

You may be free but your cash-flow  is like a  Roller Coaster. For sure the significant facts of life is that live goes on every Year where for every Year for calculation purposes there are 12 Months. Relating to be freedom, every day of every week and  every week of every months you need to have monies to accommodate your needs. 

  • There are the needs of the Special Purpose Vehicle ("SPV")  for conducting your freedom ventures which can be a  Firm which for me  is a Law Firm now called Suleiman Agung & Co.  
Sometimes the cash in is in the beginning of the Year, but it could be on the middle of the Year with the meaning there are no cash in for the first 6 months of the running Year. There may  be  instances that the cash-in is between the first 6 month or  at the end or in between the second half  of the running Year.
    • Based on my above personal experience, in being 12 Years independent  the amount of the cash-in may differ one to the other of every running Year. This of course may really affect the condition of your family needs. There are even  events  where your family monies will absorb the negative cash flow of your SPV. And you may wonder whether these monies will have its return or pay off or just for a long time sink in your Venture  without knowing when it will be returned back  through cash-in from your Venture
  • Thus selecting yourself as an independent life is not easy. There are sacrifices  in terms of cash flows and also in terms of mental and physical health. But I have the perception that as long as we live,  there are always the ups of downs in  live, where you may be surprised that  you may experienced of being called by your potential Customer to assist them as their Corporate Lawyer in running  their business ventures. 
  • Well,  the result of being independent in one field may take a long time and process, but by having done the real and actual  experience of being independent on your own in a certain professional field, you may not realize that you have been known by your contacts, networks, or friends or from mouth to mouth in the business community,  which with the permit of the Creator of this life,  you have market yourself through your professional Vehicle to be expertise or at least known of specializing in a certain field of professional venture.
  •  As a Believer you have the faith that Life is only twice, where the  first life is  in this temporary world and the second life is in the Day of Hereafter after we die. Whether  we like it or not, every person will die when the time as determined by the Creator has come, where we as a person cannot delay such time, because it is The Creator's Sole Discretion  

  • The Important thing is that we must be aware  of this life progress and must always be aware of the things that we are doing since we are accountable of all the things that we are doing in this world      


    Yes, you have to jump out of the Pandero BOX that blog your mind. Be creative. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Life is full of surprises. In order for you to really feel freedom you have to make experimental moves in your life. Just do it and do not wait until tomorrow.Today is the time for you to face reality in this world. 
    either as a worker in a Company which is a Fixed Income Take Home Pay or Salary. If you are ready to be on your own, you have to calculate all the financial risks that you may face which is : no services provided or product sold by you and purchased by your Customer it means No Cash In to your Pocket. 

    Well, marketing which results succeed in selling your product or services is really significant. You have to market yourself and let the outside world now who you are and what line of business are you on line or on the market or business community. Are you selling services or products ?  Sometimes it needs a mental switch for us to be brave to market and go out and let know the business community who you are. To the extent that you are honest, sincere and mastering  your field of business you have to develop the courage to be yourself. You can learn from your failure and mistakes and you can learn from others how to manage the marketing or getting you services or products ordered by someone out there. FEEDBURNER AGUNGSS Business Lawyer Pricing of your Services or Products might be an obstacle.You need to seek and explore this significant issue because this is the essential bread and butter of your cash in and cash flow. Life is not easy but you have to be tough in facing and handling yourselves before you can be beneficial   to others. So be optimist and don't be afraid in pursuing your goals and feel the freedom of your mindset and heart. Follow your instinct and heart.   

    Money is an illusion

    Yes, money is an illusion. So long as you can sell  a product or your expertise whatever your expertise is you can gain money. If you are not able to sell your product, you have  no cash in, for which you cannot even purchase a cup of  ice cream. But if you can sell your product or expertise to the person or your customer, for which you are being paid, you have the potential purchase power of buying lots cups of ice cream. 

     Thus there must be some kind of product or expertise that you can sell.  It could be selling newspapers, some kind of services that may be benefit or needed or required by some person.The issue shall than be what product, service or expertise can you sell ?  Who is your target market. Why is it so hard to seek for someone who are willing to use or buy your expertise, service or product. You have to establish your market or networks. If you already have an expertise, service or product to sell, you have to seek for your target market or customer. There are many competitors selling the same product, service or expertise that you are selling. How can you compete with your competitors. Why is someone success in marketing their product and service while others cannot capture their market share

    Is there certain  knowledge, skills, talent,  or experience or more power influence or luck  that you have to gain, to be able to sell your services, products or expertise ? Must there be a brand or identity or image that you have to establish ?  Is it just by incident or must there be a plan to capture your market or networks ? Is blogging part of the market strategy that may be able to develop your networks
    It is really tough. Even though you have been experiencing near to 12 Years of self experience being self employed, it does not automatically results captive market. You must always continue on marketing and exposing your self, and be tough and patient to achieve  the by product of being known as an expertise in selling your product or service.

    Thus,  once you hit your market share and network which recognize your consistency and  expertise of service or products,  with the permit of the ALL Mighty you may  start  establishing your customers cycle and commence building your cash in resulting  your  money to flow into your pocket and create your purchasing power. Thus money is really an illusion.