Monday, May 24, 2010

Making Money From Internet

Can we make money in the Internet. There are several Advertising and selling products  provider such as Google Adsense, Amazon and Adbrite. They all are avalaible in the internet to be used by you in your Blogs. Can we really gain earnings from such money maker advertising provider.This is really a question which everybody in the internet wanted to obtain the answer. 

We can include their respective advertising in our Blog. I have several Blogs among others this Freedom Thoughts Blogs. But until this moment I have not yet received actual earnings from this Providers. In the Earning reports it shows a certain figure of money but is really still a small amount. Well I am still continuing writing in my blogs since I like writing.

The issue is whether we really  can gain monthly earnings by collaborating with this providers. For sure they are benefiting from us because the product and advertisement is in our Blog. But in return do we get money from these providers ?Feedbunrner Freedom Thoughts

If there are many viewers visiting our Blogs perhaps there may be some incentive that we will receive from these providers. But I do not know when will that time comes. They say that our contents must be interesting to our viewers. I really am not sure about this.

The most important thing for us Bloggers is that we have to be confident with our self. To the extent that we like to write in our Blog, I am sure that this will satisfy us as bloggers and writers, since we can express our thoughts and feelings freely in this Blog of ours. We for sure also needs money to feed ourselves. Is the motto slowly but sure applied in this Blogging community. Time will tell.

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