Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I just want to Write

Yes, I just want to write in my Blog. It appears that this afternoon it rains in Jakarta. Sometimes you feel uncertain about your future. Well, at least I have a blog to write my feelings and thoughts. I am really not thinking of anything right now. If you have been working for almost 30 years since 1980, you  may feel that you need a break and try something different from your routine work. 

Accordingly, I am just writing in my blog and try to find a way how to cope with  my problem. Is writing part of your life. Do you gain anything from writing in your Blog. I really do not know. But for me at least it is a therapy when you feel that your mind is stuck. You feel you do not know where to go and do not know what to do next in your life time. By writing in this blog we can at least  jot down the things that we wanted to write.   

By writing you can ease the feelings of emptiness since you are just pouring the words out of your mind to your lap top in front of you. Sometimes we need some relaxation  to avoid stress. It could also be an impression that we are running from our real problem. Since writing is a free meal, we can just write in our blog without being afraid of being criticized on the contents of what you are writing.  Writing with relax  feeling is really important.

So you can just keep on writing and hoping that you will get some kind of idea on what you will continue doing in this world.You must avoid being tense when you are writing. This is not an examination and there is not test of license to write. Just keep on writing, and you will feel relax and relief from your burden after writing in your Blog.  

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