Monday, May 17, 2010

How To Relief Your Muscle Pain

Well it had been almost 2 weeks, to rests since I experienced muscle pain below your back waist . You really need a good and expert massager who can cure your muscle pain. I am back right now in my computer, writing in this blog of mine. But I have to be cautious in the sitting position on my chair,  since  it could cause muscle pain around your waist if you sit too long, for which you must also stand up from your chair while writing,  so that your muscle can be stretched from the sitting position in you chair. By writing in your blog you may relief some stress feelings, since you are able to express your thoughts and feelings in your computer. I am wondering, how and what must I do to to fully  regain my physical health from this muscle pain. From my 2 weeks experience, I learned that we have to be patient and consistent to check with the massage expertise as to where is the right location and spot which suffers such muscle pain, causing such muscle pain to our body. As we are aware  there is the muscle, bone, nerve system, the blood vessel within your body which is not functioning properly and had caused such muscle pain feelings in your right back waste and legs. 
Do you need to rest or do you need to walk to enable you to relief such muscle pain ? Well at least right now I can get up from my bed and go to my computer and start expressing my experiences  with this waist muscle pain.  You may also have to manage the food that you are eating and avoid foods which could cause such muscle pain. I think we have to drink lots of plain water, and also fruits such as apple and vegetables. This is good for your health   

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