Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Morning Sir

Well, Good Morning Sir, where ever you are. I hope everything is ok with you. The weather in Jakarta this morning is cool. I am in the mood of writing, that is why I just open my Blog and start writing . I hope everything is ok at your end.  Yesterday was quite a busy day. Even though my below waist back is still aching, I manage to walk and attend  meetings to seek some prospective projects. Life, continues on moving even though more than 2 weeks I suffer this muscular back pain.   

It is already the end of May 2010, and we are approaching the month of June 2010.  There is Poads. I really do not know which one is more competitive than the other.Well, I just keep on writing in my Blog since I like to write. For me writing is sort of a therapy. But in the real life you have to make contacts with your Customers or prospective Clients and share business information among such business players. Your Clients seeks opportunities to expand or improve their business performances. 
Management Investment Consultant with your Clients who are seeking funds to support their business. Well, at least you can broaden your networks with the business circles. You must not force yourself but just let it flow naturally on your day today venture.  

Your cash flow is really the blood flow to your business venture. What ever your professional  business nature is, you cannot just sit like a sitting duck behind your table. You must go out and make contacts with your friends and networks. You must not surrender in pursuing your goal. You have to be positive in facing your life. Of course going out needs transportation costs. There is no free lunch in this world. By writing in your Blog at least you can digest the ideas and planning movement that you must take.

If there is a will there is a way. Life keeps on moving so let your spirit be high and you have to establish your motivation to continue on doing the things that you like. You have to focus on the things that you like to do and keep on motivating your self. Good Morning Sir....Have a nice day.

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