Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good Day

Well Good day folks. I hope that everything is ok at your end. Jakarta is rather cloudy this morning. But we have to maintain our life by trying to be healthy. If you are already in the age of late 50ies, you have to try enjoy and relax and avoid stressful works and responsibilities. By being stressful it could effect the physical condition of your muscular body. You have to face reality  and facing the facts of life  that you are no longer young, thus you have to manage your way of life properly. 

The world is  still moving around where there are many more younger professionals who can replace the work or tasks that you once have done. This does not only apply to regenerations within an organization only  but the world or community as a whole. How to Avoid Stress before it Kills You 

Thus even if you are on your own, you must manage yourself to know the limit of your physical and mental health. It appears that if you are stress caused by cash in problems for instance, such stress can affect your physical muscular waist. You believe it or not this happens to me during this last  2 weeks. Vegetables and fruits and drinking plain water will be beneficial for your health. Man Garlic may also be good for you. Writing may also be good for you to release your bad feelings in your heart or mind. This is based on my own experience where I frequently write in my blog if I feel that my mind is stuck  and I do not know what to do.

Well, life goes on without stopping, the world is the same as it was yesterday, the sun and moon is still there. And we are still here communicating through this blogging community. We may share our feelings and life experience as how to continue surviving in this world.