Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Everybody Shares The World

Everybody has the right to share a good living in this world. There are the rules, and the name of the game to be honored by each and everybody living in this world. Do not make destruction in this world. Make good deeds which can benefit mankind.You must at least be useful to yourself in order to avoid troublesome to others. You must be fair to everybody. We can learn a lot from the working life cycle of the nature.  One of the sign of the Greatness of  The Creator is that the Creator created many languages and color of mankind. Everything has a purpose in this life. 
Be patient in exercising your life. You have to be thankful and grateful  to the Creator  who had given you the opportunity to live in this world. You really exist and must research and face the truth as to who you are and what is the purpose of your being part of the human being living in this world. Yes this world is a competition world. The important thing is fairness and transparency. In the real world you have to face the fact that on one party or person is no 1. However, you cannot always be no 1 since only one person shall fullfil such criteria. We have to be fair in pursuing our goal in this live.

The important element  in life is that you have to know your direction and destiny in this world. The fact of the matter is that nothing is permanent in this world.  Everything is temporary, except the Creator.   So there are 2 world, the temporary world and the eternal world. This of course is a faith that you have to develop within yourselves.  The Area of this faith subject is a believe system that you have to search and dig out from the information from the Creator. The tools and instrument top do this is your Heart and Mind.

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