Friday, April 16, 2010

TV Media Pressure and Transparency in Indonesia

It is quite a while that I did not visit this Blog of mine. Indonesia is really experiencing transparency where TV Media is becoming the control and pressuring group mechanism in our day to day life in Indonesia. TV One and Metro TV are among the TV Channel who really are  focusing in pressing the  system to be more open, where all significant occasions are being  highlighted and exposed publicly through Live broadcast  in the TV Media. It is really interesting for us to view all what is occurring in Indonesia this last weeks. 

Yes, Indonesia is experiencing a new era, which is openness and   transparency. TV Media  are playing a significant role in this new era. In Asia countries,  Indonesia is one of the country where the process of transparency and control mechanism are occurring.  Public Opinion and public perception are happening in Indonesia, where it is a process of learning and education in the New Open Era happening in Indonesia.

Well, this is just the beginning of new era of communication in Indonesia,  where the TV media are playing a significant and important role to shape the future of Indonesia. We are really glad that we are experiencing this new openness occurring in Indonesia.

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