Sunday, April 18, 2010

Transitional Stage

  • Transitional Stage and Milestone seems to be similar. Yes, every person I believe has a time where he or she feels that he/she is in a transitional period. After you have passed and followed a certain milestone in your life you start feeling of having to adjust as how you have to manage your life journey. There is a change in your physical condition.
You have to manage your eating life style and exercise method. In terms of material achievement, you have reached a stage  where you have gain your primary needs of housing and all of the primary material that you require.

Thanks to the Creator, that your children with the permit of GOD  had passed their student phase or reaching the last semester of their University Education.You are wondering as how must you continue your life journey in this transitional stage. If you are a religious and spiritual  searcher you also tend to found the exact spiritual believe that really comforts your peace of mind and peace in your heart. Life is really an ongoing process. 

When you have gained lots of experienced ( the ups and downs) in your professional life, at the same time your physical condition is starting to decrease, in terms of  strength where you need to re-evaluate how to manage your life style to maintain a healthy life. You have to have faith and increase your trust to the Creator of this life and universe.
You have to capture the essence of life from the signs of the Greatness of The Creator shown in this life. You must spare patient and wisdom to your life. You have to be really thankful to the Creator  who has been giving all the benefits in this life to you and your family.