Monday, April 5, 2010

Free as a Bird

It is really a nice feeling to be free as a Bird. Even though you cannot fly, but your mind and heart can make you feel that you are flying like a Bird free in the sky. There seems to be no limit in exploring your heart and mind. You can fly high with your mind and view the signs of the Greatness of The Creator.  

If you like to write, it is really wonderfull to have your own computer and blog. You can express yourself through your Blog, without being afraid of lossing your job. There is a risk that your Blog is being Blocked by the Spam Prevention Robot, which is really  a soar experience. Well, live is full of riks. Sometimes if you are making experience in your life you will face such experience. But you may be used to face such soar experience. There is the ups and downs of life. You have to learn from your life experiences to reaaly know and be aware of your weakness and strength.

You have to explore and exploit your potential. You have to learn how to make decisions in your life. Without trying difficulties faced in your life you cannot learn the essence of life. If you want to get the touch or feelings from the Bird's eye view, you have to learn to jump out from your cubical room or box, and start making tough choices out of your life experiences.

Life is really challenging. To the extent that you are obeying the Creator by worshiping only ALLAH as your Creator you will start clearing your mind. You must clear and focus on the things that you can manage and control by submitting  your self to the Words of GOD as shown on the Nature working system which is actually design and created by by ALLAH the ALL Mighty God. There is no other God but ALLAH who had created this life.