Monday, March 29, 2010

Keep on Writing

Yes, I am always keeping myself busy with writing. I really like writing. Thanks that ia have created and established this Freddom Blog so that I can keep on writing. Once I am in the mood of writing I start begining opening my Blog and start dancing and moving my fingers in this Computer of mine. But I have to be careful not to make steps which can  trigger this Blog being Blocked. 

The significant lesson that I learn from Blogging is  that you have to be consistent in doing the things that you like. You have to have more than 1 (one) Blog, so that you may have a safety net to recover your energy due to your one Blog being Blocked. Writing is a hobby for me. I tend to make writing as my work. You can write one time a day in your blog to ease your stress. 

You may see that you can increase your availability to show your earning records slowly increasing. You have to make experiments to your Blog by adding the Feed Burner to your Blog 

By doing clicking the above Feed Burner of this FreedomThoughtsBLOG you may add visitors to click your Blog with this FeedBurner mechanism. However if you are quoting some articles from other Blog even though you had mentioned and link such source of Blog in your Blog the Robot of Google might crawl and detect a false alarm that you are spaming. So I think it is best not to quote -cut paste such other articles from other blog in your Blog,  eventhough you had inserted and link the Source of  such data-information in your Blog .

Robot is just a Robot it is like a machine, it  cannot detect your real honesty, that you are actually quoting and referring the source of such Source of interesting article and link it to  your Blog.

Well, having said that it is really nice to have a Blog with the Niche that you are mastering so that it can be used as a place to write your ideas that you are mastering and enjoying.     

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