Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Balance of Power

There are several pillars in a democratic society, where you wanted your people to feel safe, secure  and comfort and get their share of the development of a  nation. These pillars are among others  a strong Government,  Control mechanism upon such  Government by the Press including independent Bloggers, Websiters, Facebook, in the Internet World, The House Peoples Representative/the Parliament, the Intellectual People and thinkers who must be independent in giving their Voices through their Independent Views either through media or their Blogs.

The voices of the students who are still free of conflict of interest, the religious and spiritual persons who must not be attached to the Government, but must have  their  freedom  and independence in  Giving their advices to do the the right and proper  things and always remind the State Institutions which inclodes the Excutives, the Legislators,  The Judges, Fistrict Attormeys, The Police Institutions  to conduct their respective  tasks properly. These control mechanism system  must be enlighten by the Universal teachings of the Creator who created this Universe where we are living, through the Creators teachings in the Holy Books and the Work Force Mechanism of the Universe created by the ALL Mighty .

The force of the Nature must be used as a lesson by all the above relevant respective stockholders, in the sense that there must be a balance of power by all of the elements of Nature as shown and demonstrated by work force of the Sun, Wind, earth, moon, water who never discriminate its  functions tp all the  elements of live including to the the human beings, animals, plants. The Person and human beings, who managed this World are equipped with brain, emotional feelings,  heart, soul, spirit, moral, and strength to do their tasks.
This Human Beings  are having the benefit of being freedom to use their  power as resulted,  shaped  and established by their  intellectual mind, wealth, influence,and capability. They therefore must not be greedy,  but must exercise and practice fairness, prosperous, justice, non- discriminative manner to all the people within a nation, society   such as been shown by the elements of nature as described above.   

These are the moral standard principles which have to be honored by us as Human beings.