Saturday, May 2, 2009


  • Golkar and Hanura together with PDIP, PPP and Gerindra had signed a coalition for the Parliament. Immediately afterwards Jusuf KALLA has made a quick political move by making a quick decision and declaring that Golkar had announced Jusuf Kalla as its President Candidate and Wiranto from Hanura as the Vice President.
  • This is the First Presidential Candidate and Vice Presidential Candidate, which had been announced officially by a Party in this 2009 Presidential Election.
  • As we all are aware Jusuf Kalla has the entrepreneur and businessman background, while Wiranto has the military back ground. Having an entrepreneur background, Jusuf Kalla is used to make quick moves after knowing that at least the big Coalition between PDIP,PPP,GERINDRA, HANURA for the Parliament level had been signed, leaving the Presidential Candidate and Vice President from this Big Coalition to be still pending.
  • Wiranto had also responded in making the quick moves by not wanting to lost this momentum, to agree in making such one step backwards, but is still within the Executive Top 2 level as Vice President Candidate.
  • The most interesting part, with this development is that between and among the members of the coalition of GOLKAR, HANURA, PDIP (Nationalist Party), PPP (Moslem Party) and Gerindra, which had signed coalition for the Parliament, there may be sort of an understanding that each of the members of such coalition may compete each other in proposing its President and Vice President Candidate, or these actually may reflect a real hard and tough situation, is occurring between the Leaders of this Big Coalition, since all the Leaders namely Jusuf Kalla, Megawati Sukarnoputri and Prabowo are all striving to be the No 1 President Candidate.
  • As I had earlier observed idealistically, the Coalition that has to be established by the opposing Coalition Party, who wants to compete with Susilo Bambang Suyudhono has to be a combination between massive Voters and Big Parties such as Golkar and PDIP, which Parties is respectively actually winning in gaining 14% of the Parliament Election 9 April 2009 due to its long time established experiences and such new born star Prabowo Subianto which can for sure "Jack Up" AND BOOST UP the numbers of Voters in competing with Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono.
  • However, in pragmatical terms, since there seems to be a tough situation between their Leaders, Jusuf Kalla, as a risk taker and a fast mover, has taken his quick Political Moves, by declaring such Presidential Candidate, to end up the uncertainty condition.
  • We can futher see, that Wiranto, who previously was also declaring himself to be the Presidential Candidate, had accepted to move one step backwards, by agreeing to be the Vice President Candidate accompanying Jusuf Kalla. It appears that Jusuf Kalla is making such quick step to avoid the strengthening of the internal problems occurring inside GOLKAR, where there are parts of members of the Gokar Party who still insists to be in coalition with Demokrat Party of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.
  • Jusuf Kalla also said that he realized, that it is a pity that GOLKAR coalition with Demokrat Party has to break up, but Jusuf Kalla said that by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono making the criteria for the Vice President Candidate who will accompany SBY, is a signal from Susilo, that SBY does no longer wants to have a coalition with Golkar or Jusuf Kalla.
  • Accordingly, Jusuf Kalla says that GOLKAR has to have an identity for itself. As a businessman Jusuf Kalla, for sure always dares to make risks in his live including of losing his challenge to be the elected President Candidate.
  • Based on such background, even though the percentage of GOLKAR is 14% in the Quick Count Legislative Election of 2009, Jusuf Kalla does not want to just withdraw from this opportunity to forward himself as the Presidential Candidate and shall leave to the Voters as to whether they are choosing Jusuf Kalla to be their next President or not.
  • Jusuf Kalla is aware that Prabowo Subiyanto, is one of the popular figure from GERINDRA, who wins 4% share of the Legislative Election seat based on the Quick Count, but Jusuf Kalla feels that since GOLKAR has won 14% share, Jusuf Kalla does not want to lose this chance of challenging himself as the Presidential Candidate.
  • However, Jusuf Kalla is really a person who likes to challenge himself to participate on the Presidential Candidate and Wiranto from Hanura reads this opportunity, since this is the only chance to joint participating as the Vice President even though Wiranto was initially also submitting himself as the Presidential Candidate.
  • From my observance, Wiranto realized that Prabowo Subiyanto seems to be popular within the PDIP Party to be suggested as the Vice President accompanying Megawati Sukarnoputeri from PDIP, and thus Wiranto is left no choice but to joint coalition with GOLKAR, within the this Big Coalition of PDIP,GOLDKAR,HANURA,GOLKAR and responded positive to Jusuf Kalla or GOLKAR's request to participate as the Vice President Candidate accompanying Jusuf Kala as GOLKAR's Presidential Candidate.
  • Relating to PDIP, Megawati seems to be in a dilema situation, since if Megawati still insists on being the Presidential Candidate, it is unlikely that Prabowo will agree to be the Vice President accompanying Megawati Sukarnoputeri. This predication is just a wild guess, since Prabowo Subiyanto seems to be smart in playing the strategy to be still in his position in competing to be one of the Presidential Candidate, knowing his popularity in the eyes of the Voters who are eager to have some changes in the Indonesian Political Arena.
  • However, for Prabowo Subiyanto to keep on his desire to participate in the Presidential Election, he may have to work hard in gathering other Parties to fulfil the limitation of Parliament shares of seats and votes to be able to be legitimate in participating as Presidential Candidate.
  • Based on the above development, it will very interesting to see the outcome of such dilemma situation, where all the smart person shall play and show their power play strategy in this era of Democracy occurring in Indonesia.
  • On the latest development relating to PAN (Muslim intellectual Party), Pan had declared officially to joint coalition with Democrat Party and named Hatta Rajasa as the Vice President Candidate to accompany Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as the Presidential Candidate from Demokrat Party.
  • This idea was really coming from Amin Rais, the former Head of PAN, where Amin says that since DEMOKRAT wins 20 % in the Legislative Election 2009, PAN Party has to joint coalition with DEMOKRAT, to be in the top position of the Executive by proposing Hatta Rajasa who has an entrepreneur background to fill in the empty position which formerly was Jusuf Kalla's seat.
  • This really ends up the issue of whether PAN shall join coalition with GERINDRA where Soetrisno shall be proposed as Vice President Candidate from PAN accompanying Prabowo Subiyanto as President Candidate from Democrat Party.
  • We observe that there are around 19 names of Vice President Candidate as mentioned by the speaker of Demokrat Party, but Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono until this present moment has not make any decision, which of such 19 names shall be his candidate for the Vice Presidential Candidate accompanying SBY as the Presidential Candidate.
  • Well, the above are the latest report from Jakarta relating to this interesting changes of political map in the President and Vice President Candidate for the 2009 Presidential Election in Indonesia

Jakarta, May 2, 2009

Agung Supomo Suleiman

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