Monday, April 27, 2009

Reason Why I am interested in Politic

  • The reason why I can be interested in politic, since as a Business lawyer you are frequently faces with strong businessman who are stronger in its position in dealing and entering into a business arrangement with the other counter business part
  • My Clients who are usually Indonesian Growing Business need some funds or capital injection to support or expand or help its business capacity in trying to seek a better business opportunity and chances.
  • For instance my self I had been experiencing 11 Years trying with my best efforts to exist as a Business Lawyer who are really competing with the other lawyers in this competitive era
  • It is really very hard to became in the same level with the other business law firms and business lawyers
  • I believe we have to be tough and mentally strong to try to survive in this difficult era and second economical global recession
  • Thus we can see that the struggle to survive shall include a certain level of sacrifices and needs some elements of strenght from the Bigger Stronger Elements as the Real Source of Power.
  • Thus I really realized that I have some limitations of Power and I really need the help and assistance not from people or person who has the same and similar weakness as me, but I need some help from the Creator of this Power to survive and succeed in competing to survive and exist in this tough world of competitive.
  • Like all the Parties who are competing to survive as the Leaders in the Executives as well as the Legislative seats, the real deeper questions shall be what are you or we are all seeking???
  • Are we seeking Power for the Sake of Power ??
  • As we can see and observe
  • Fame creates Power
  • Money creates Power
  • Accumulation of Capital creates Power
  • Wealth creates Power
  • Intellectual creates Power
  • Seats in the Parliament creates Power
  • Seats in the Cabinet including President /Vice President creates Power
  • seats in the executives in a Company creates Power
  • Shareholders Meeting creates Power
  • Wealth creates Power
  • Influence creates Power
  • Information creates Power
  • Networking creates Power
  • Are there any responsibilities attached to such Power?
  • The answer of this questions must come and originates from the Creator of the Power.
  • Well, based on my believes, The Holy Books which is the words of GOD says that Human Being are being granted as Leadership or "Khalifah", to conduct the mission to maintain this World to be a good and better place for all of its inhabitants, and not to create destruction but to take care that all of the wealth, fame, influence, network, seats in the Executives, Parliament, Corporations which are granted and allowed by the Creator to us, shall be used, partly distributed for the welfare of mankind and all or the creation created by the Creator including the animals, plants, environments, air, water, river, sea, and the whole universe as a whole.
  • Based on the above, and based on the experience in representing my Clients in the Business Sectors, I learn and is being shaped to be interested in the process of balancing such Power for the good and better welfare of all of the stack holders of this Universe, World and Earth that we are living
  • Jakarta, April 27, 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman
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