Monday, April 27, 2009

Indonesia Political Learning Process

Hi Folks, we can see that Indonesia is entering a political interesting learning process. This emerges after Golkar and Democrat decided to split in its coalition. Yes, this is really very interesting for all of us in Indonesia who is experiencing a grand political coalition process after having the 2nd Real Legislative Election and President Election after the fall of the Former President Suharto in the Year 1998.Within this last days, there are many moves and approaches are taking places between the Parties to seek and found out a coalition between the Parties. How many blocks of coalition and who shall be the Presidential Candidates which will emerge shall be very interesting. The Indonesian Leaders of the Parties realized that the Power of such Presidential and its Vice President has to be made through Constitutional Elements, which are provided under the Indonesian Election rules and systems. There are some significant elements which could be identified among others military background which is discipline, nationalist party which had split into several nationalist parties, ethnics non jawa (for instance Jusuf Kalla) Presidential Candidate and Voters from outside of Jawa, and jawa Presidential Candidate (Susilo Bambang Yidhoyono)/Vice President, religion background and voters, entrepreneur background, which relates to economic improvements including the welfare of the Indonesia people in facing the global changes in politically and economically mapping which is occurring in this World. These are some of the significant elements which has to be taken into considerations by all the Parties who are competing and learning democracy and coalition in Indonesia. Every Nation has its own culture, ethnics, power background and history which is shaping and influencing its political, economical, and democracy learning process.

Jakarta, April 27, 2009

Agung Supomo Suleiman

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