Saturday, April 25, 2009

Experimental Peace Election Moves

  • Every Nation must be dare to make experimental moves
  • This experimental Moves must be for the well being of mankind of this Nation
  • Dare to make Changes for the well being of the people of this nation
  • We must jump out of the Box
  • We are a freedom Nation who is living in this Globalization Era
  • The Mapping of the "Political Balance" and "Economical Balance" of this world are changing
  • New Power Nation are emerging
  • The Balance of Power of the Nations are changing
  • China and India is emerging
  • How about Indonesia ?
  • This really depends upon the people of this Nation
  • The 5 Years future of this Nation lies in your hands who are the Voters of the New Coming President
  • Don't depend on other nations, but put your dependency in the hands of yourself
  • Remember there is the inner power within yourself as a nation
  • You must all dig the potential within yourself
  • "United We Stand" "Devided We Fall"
  • We as a Nation managed to survive as a nation since the First Economic Recession which hits this Country in 1998
  • Now we are facing the 2nd Economic Crisis which started from the USA who is now being assisted by the Injection of Funds from the Government which are actually the monies of the people of the USA who are paying Taxes.
  • How about Indonesia ?
  • Thanks to God that we have managed and can show the world that we had succeeded in conducting the 9 April 2009 Election of the Peoples House Representatives Peacefully.
  • The Second Phase is Election of the New Coming President
  • Let us show the world that we are a Civilized Nation who can be United as a Nation in holding this coming Presidential Election
  • Bravo Indonesia
  • Bravo the People of Indonesia from Aceh to Papua
  • May God Bless Us as a United Nation so called The Republic of Indonesia
Jakarta, April 13, 2009
Agung Supomo Suleiman

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