Friday, April 24, 2009

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Shows Real State Man

During the cabinet meeting today the still existing President until October 2009, Susilo Bambang Yudhono makes a statement which is very educative as a States leadership to the people of Indonesia by saying that he will guarantee that the existing Government including SBY and Yusuf Kalla and the cabinet will gurantee continuing governing until October 2009 smoothly. SBY further says that competitive in Presidential Election is normal, where Susilo Bambang Yudhono says that he is the Presidential Candidate from Demokrat Party and Jusuf Kala shall be the Presidential Candidate from Golkar with positive body gesture looking at Jusuf Kalla. SBY further says that it is normal in a Democracy State and Era that at one time you are in one boat or Cabinet and at the other time each other will be in a different places. As a normal Indonesian Citizenship we are really proud of having a mature Real States Man such as Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono who knows how to position himself as the Head State which is in the function of educating the whole people of Indonesia how Democracy must function. At the same time SBY can show the world that Indonesia is processing democracy in the right direction based on the color and characteristic of Indonesia. We can see that the other Parties Leadership such as Yusuf Kalla and Megawati are also showing and educating the whole people how the process of democracy is taking place, whereby Megawati Sukarnoputri ( the former President) as the Head Of PDIP says in the press conference after the meeting with Yusuf Kalla, that PDIP is common and used during the 5 years, to be in the psoition as opposition and says that Yusuf Kalla and Golkar is used to be in the Executive or in the Governing position.I believe that healthy political process is occurring in Indonesia. This is really good and shows that democracy in every country and places must be processed through "learning by doing" and shall follow the "real condition and nature of such country". As we know Indonesia consists of hundreds of islands stretching from Aceh to Papua with multy ethnics, cultures, religions and state of believes, having the population of more than 200 million. Such Great Nation which during its formely late history, experienced being multy separated Monarch, Kings, within the Islands, and was once occupied by the Dutch Country, which initially was controlled by VOC, which is a Dutch Trade Company, due to Indonesian reach of hearbs, during the late years of 1830 ies, Japan for 3 Years, and became a freedom Country namely The Republic of Indonesia, since 17 August 1945 through physical fought bloodsed struggle combined with diplomatic efforts. The first election was held in 1955. But then after the Nation processed through several cabinets and Presidential and Parliament system, there was the period of trying to be "Long Live President Sukarno", which was the "charismatic man" of Never Ending Revolution, during the times of great Leaders such as Nehru from India, Abdul Nasser from Egypt, was there, and held the Asia and Africa Conference in Bandung, but then was taken over by the late President Suharto after the Nation experienced the controversial history, and was then followed by a Centralistic Government under the Former President Suharto, where only 3 Parties exists namely Golkar, PPP and PDI, which is actually all formed and was engineered by the Ruling Party under the control of former President Suharto together with the Strong Fist Military for almost 30 Years. The turning point of Indonesia becoming Democracy, begins in 1998 after the wide spread student movement, all over the country, which occupied the People's House of Representatives at Senayan Jakarta, which formerly also experienced several sporadic student movements, but this former sporadic movement was being controlled by the Centralised Government during such former. During the 1998 students movement, the First Economic crisis which hits the Asian Region starting from Thailand, was also contributing the resigning of the former President Suharto, where several President with short Period had occurred starting from Habibie who was the Vice President, and election takes place where Abdurachman Wahid won the Presidential Election, but was not for so long, which then, Megawati Sukarnoputri become the next President and was the First Woman President in Indonesia. The Subsequent Election was held in 2004, where Susilo Bambang Suyodhono was the winning President even though Demokrat Party was a new formed Born Party, participating in such election and only wins 7 % of the Legislativee Seats in the Parliament.So having said the brief background of this Great Nation of the Republic of Indonesia, with multi ethnics and cultures I hope that the readers in this whole world can grasp a brief view of what is happening in Indonesia at this present moment in the Year 2009. This Nation has the Red and White Flag which symbolized Bravery ( red) and Purity( white) and has the Motto during its independence Merdeka meaning Freedom and the Motto United We Stand and Divided We Fall or in Bahasa Indonesia "Bersatu Kita Teguh Bercerai Kita Runtuh". This Nation even-though contains many Ethnics with its own native Culture and Local Language, and declared to have 1 National Language which is Bahasa Indonesa or Indonesian Langguage which actually was taken from the Language of Melayu where it is originated from the Island of Sumatera which is "the Left Big Island of Indonesia", and having the Motto "Bhineka Tunggal Ika meaning "Many Ethnics/Cultures but Is United in One". That is all for today.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Agung Supomo Suleiman

Jakarta, Indonesia.

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