Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Comparable Competitive Indonesian Presidential Candidate

  • The leaders from Golkar and PDIP seems are only thinking that each of their top Leader can compete with Susilo Bambang Suyodhono, which I believe SBY is still the most popular Presidential Candidate
  • By winning 20% in the Legislative Election 9 April 2009, SBY has demonstrated himself as the winning Voters compared to Jusuf Kalla and Megawati Sukarnoputeri where each of their Parties only gain 14%.
  • If we look at the new born Party GERINDRA headed by Prabowo Subiyanto, this new born Party has gained 4% in the Legislative Election 9th April 2009, which also demonstrates that Prabowo Subiyanto is very popular in boosting himself with the motto of Changes as shown aggressively in his campaign through Indonesia Electronic Media including Facebook as been used by Obama.
  • Thus the Coalition that has to be established by the opposing Coalition Party, who wants to compete with SBY has to be a combination between massive Voters and Big Parties such as Golkar and PDIP, which Parties is respectively actually winning in gaining 14% of the Parlaiment Election 9 April 2009 due to its long time established experiences and such new born star Prabowo Subianto which can for sure "Jack Up" AND BOOST UP the numbers of Voters in competing with Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono.
  • The other Parties according to my observation, are just normal plain Parties non aggressive Parties without any aggressive ideas and motto nor program during the pre Parliament Election 9 April 2009, compared to the Advertisement and Program being carried by Gerindra and its motor Prabowo Subiyanto, which brings him into this point of no return.
  • Prabowo’s back ground is military which is the same as "Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono".
  • Prabowo is also entrepreneur family which is similar background with Jusuf Kalla. Prabowo's former "father in Law" is the former President Suharto which has the same background of Megawati whose father is the First President of the Republic of Indonesia Sukarno to be on the Indonesian Presidential Palace.
  • In addition, Prabowo comes from an intellectual family background Sumitro who is well known in the University in Malaysia.
  • Prabowo Subiyanto is graduated from West Point USA, Reputable, Military Education which makes him popular and can be accepted international, where Prabowo was a close friend with the Prince of Yordania who was also educated in Westpoint USA.
  • Based on such strong and positive backgrounds, where for sure will accumulate Prabowo's Performance, if there has to be a coalition who can compete with the proven popular President Susilo Bambang Suyodhono, it has to be a combination of GOLKAR, PDIP and Prabowo Subiyanto.
  • If not, there is great possibility that Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono will easily and smoothly gain the wining supports from the Indonesian Voters, since the other combination other than the above are more likely to loss this Indonesia No 1 Presidential Election.
  • Jakarta, Jakarta 29, 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman



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