Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It really is a brave move from GOLKAR to decide not to held a coalition with Demokrat in this coming Presidential election in Indonesia. This move is really significant, since GOLKAR who obtains 14% share in the Quick Count of the Legislative Election is taking the risk of not being in the position as the ruler of the Cabinet at least in the position as the Vice President. This is really challenging, since Golkar which by history is always being supported by the ruling power is forcing itself to take a chance of loosing its opportunity of not holding the top position in the Cabinet. The Central issue is actually the chemistry between the President SBY and JSK as the Vice President, which both person has different nature in handling matters. The background of JSK who is the head of Golkar, is from Sulawesi, where their culture is more of a straight forward person. In addition JSK is having an entrepreneur background where quick business management decision has to be made immediately to avoid the business momentum, and taking the business risks. Whereas, on the other hand SBY is from Jawa, and his back ground is from military, where SBY must take and consider all the views from various angles, which sometimes reflects as being not quick or prompt enough to make a decision, where JSK is being more prompt and quick in deciding a certain issue. Well, actually this can be a good combination and teamwork, but at the same time it could create certain conflict or contradictory perception being observed by the people outside the government circles. This kind of perception by us in the streets, is proofed to be close to a truth perception, as shown by the recent decision made by Golkar last night, where Golkar decided not to be in a coalition with Demokrat Party in the coming Presidential election in Indonesia. Jakarta, April 23, 2009 Agung Supomo Suleiman


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