Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Indonesia Campain Parlaimant Election

  • Hi Long Time no see
  • How is business
  • Well we are all trying to survive in this new Era of 2009
  • Its already the month of February so it is already the 2nd month of Year 2009
  • Frankly speaking I am quite busy with my work
  • That is one of the reason I had been off from this blog for quite a while
  • It is election time in Indonesia
  • The politic climate in Indonesia is getting "really hot" and exiting know
  • many comments and new political issues pop up in the media
  • There are several new Parties popping up in the advertisement
  • several of the Heads of the Parties are candidates from former General in the military of Indonesia such as Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Prabowo Subiyanto
  • Several are entrepreneur such as Jusuf Kalla from GOLKAR , Prabowo Subiyanto form GERINDRA and several are Politic Carrier such as Megawati Sukarnoputri from PDIP ( Nationalist Democrat Party)
  • So there are several religion back grounds, military back grounds, nationalist backgrounds such as most are the break up of the former Sukarno ideologies Party, secular backgrounds, labor backgrounds, and professional intellectual background.
  • It is really interesting if we observe the development of democracy in Indonesia which sometimes appears sort of a "demo crazy"
  • There are also many political comedians shows in the TV media which we never can imagine could happen during the former Suharto Era.
  • In this shows, we can see that we are free to critic the still existing President in power.
  • This is really happening in Indonesia
  • Even though most of us sometimes are really bored with the members of the People House Representatives who frequently are more self centered and thinking about their own life style, on the other side of the coin we can see that Indonesia is really on the democracy era.
  • In the reality we understand that in order for a Party to campaign, they really need money
  • This also applies to the person who are campaigning himself / herself needs monies in a certain level and degree.
  • Well, in the real world money talks.
  • How do we as layman in the streets in Indonesia must react or do in these development.
  • I think this really depends on the individual to decide since nobody has the power to influence such individual expect if such person are in the position of desperate to have immediate in having monies to be able to continue his stomach.
Jakarta February 2, 2009
Agung Supomo Suleiman

Comparable Competitive Indonesian Presidential Candidate

  • The leaders from Golkar and PDIP seems are only thinking that each of their top Leader can compete with Susilo Bambang Suyodhono, which I believe SBY is still the most popular Presidential Candidate
  • By winning 20% in the Legislative Election 9 April 2009, SBY has demonstrated himself as the winning Voters compared to Jusuf Kalla and Megawati Sukarnoputeri where each of their Parties only gain 14%.
  • If we look at the new born Party GERINDRA headed by Prabowo Subiyanto, this new born Party has gained 4% in the Legislative Election 9th April 2009, which also demonstrates that Prabowo Subiyanto is very popular in boosting himself with the motto of Changes as shown aggressively in his campaign through Indonesia Electronic Media including Facebook as been used by Obama.
  • Thus the Coalition that has to be established by the opposing Coalition Party, who wants to compete with SBY has to be a combination between massive Voters and Big Parties such as Golkar and PDIP, which Parties is respectively actually winning in gaining 14% of the Parlaiment Election 9 April 2009 due to its long time established experiences and such new born star Prabowo Subianto which can for sure "Jack Up" AND BOOST UP the numbers of Voters in competing with Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono.
  • The other Parties according to my observation, are just normal plain Parties non aggressive Parties without any aggressive ideas and motto nor program during the pre Parliament Election 9 April 2009, compared to the Advertisement and Program being carried by Gerindra and its motor Prabowo Subiyanto, which brings him into this point of no return.
  • Prabowo’s back ground is military which is the same as "Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono".
  • Prabowo is also entrepreneur family which is similar background with Jusuf Kalla. Prabowo's former "father in Law" is the former President Suharto which has the same background of Megawati whose father is the First President of the Republic of Indonesia Sukarno to be on the Indonesian Presidential Palace.
  • In addition, Prabowo comes from an intellectual family background Sumitro who is well known in the University in Malaysia.
  • Prabowo Subiyanto is graduated from West Point USA, Reputable, Military Education which makes him popular and can be accepted international, where Prabowo was a close friend with the Prince of Yordania who was also educated in Westpoint USA.
  • Based on such strong and positive backgrounds, where for sure will accumulate Prabowo's Performance, if there has to be a coalition who can compete with the proven popular President Susilo Bambang Suyodhono, it has to be a combination of GOLKAR, PDIP and Prabowo Subiyanto.
  • If not, there is great possibility that Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono will easily and smoothly gain the wining supports from the Indonesian Voters, since the other combination other than the above are more likely to loss this Indonesia No 1 Presidential Election.
  • Jakarta, Jakarta 29, 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman



Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Interesting Political Developments in Indonesian Presidential Elections

  • Wauw, I did not realize that I kind of Like talking about politics movements occurring in Indonesia right now.
  • Megawati Sukarnoputri seems to need Prabowo of Gerindra to support her popularity.
  • Prabowo Subianto, I believe realize that he is being popular by the members of the PDIP (nationalist party) who feels and needs some new ideas and new fresh person to jack up its status in front of the Indonesian Voters in the coming Indonesian Presidential Elections.
  • However, Golkar is also exploring to have sort of engagement with Prabowo Subianto to boost Jusuf Kalla in competing with Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono.
  • But Jusuf Kalla is facing internal problems between its own circle in Golkar which is supporting Akbar Tanjung to be the Vice President in maintaining Coalition with Democrat.
  • We can see that some elements in GOLKAR are not confident with itself in promoting Jusuf Kalla as the Presidential Candidate from Golkar or promoting Akbar Tanjung, because Golkar is not prepared to be out of the Top Positions as President or Vice President.
  • In this kind of situation, many things and emerging new progress may erupt to the surface, where Prabowo Subianto maybe submitted as the other prospective Presidential Candidate, if GOLKAR and PDIP decided to establish its coalition against the Block of SBY on the other side, but not through proposing each of its Parties candidate Jusuf Kalla nor Megawati Sukarnoputri, but rather compromising to mutually agree in proposing Prabowo Subianto as their Presidential candidate representing their Coalition which consists among others of GOLKAR, PDIP,GERINDRA, HANURA.
  • We can see that anything can happen this coming minutes before the dead line date of 10th May 2009 as last date to propose its Presidential and Vice President candidate.
  • in the Kompas Newspaper dated 29 April 2009, there are rumors within the GOLKAR Party that Wiranto the former Military General form Hanura is mentioned to be the Vice President candidate to accompany Jusuf Kalla as the Presidential Candidate.
  • From the writers perspective if GOLKAR and PDIP coalition is intending to compete with the proved popular President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, then there must be a "Shock Therapy" Presidential Candidate from their Coalition such as Prabowo Subiyanto, who is popular with its motto to make "Changes", where he is combination of Military background, coming from intellectual and wealthy family, and the son of the popular person Sumitro, where he can speak English very fluently and was educated from West point USA, which will give the positive effect to boost this Coalition of PDIP, GOLKAR and GERINDRA, and HANURA in facing the Coalition of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.
  • We can observe, that at the same time, all the other Parties are also in the move of making its coalition and political moves, including the two strong proposals within the PAN internal circles where Amien Rais is promoting Hatta Rajasa (entrepreneur back ground) from PAN ( moderate intellectual religion background party) to be the proposed Vice President for supporting the President Candidate from Demokrat, whereas PKS ( Muslim Religion background) are also closing its position in the coalition with Demokrat by also proposing its own Vice President candidate .
  • It is really interesting to watch the developments day by day since time is the essence due to the dead line in proposing the President and the Vice President from each of such blocks.
  • We can see that interesting Political Developments are happening in Indonesia, since all Parties are fighting for their peace of power taste through Constitution.
  • All the Indonesian realize that this Nation has to go forward in developing its Political and economical development progress facing ahead in this Global Economical crisis.
  • Jakarta April 28,2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman
I had reported this in the ALLVOICES media worldwide


It really is a brave move from GOLKAR to decide not to held a coalition with Demokrat in this coming Presidential election in Indonesia. This move is really significant, since GOLKAR who obtains 14% share in the Quick Count of the Legislative Election is taking the risk of not being in the position as the ruler of the Cabinet at least in the position as the Vice President. This is really challenging, since Golkar which by history is always being supported by the ruling power is forcing itself to take a chance of loosing its opportunity of not holding the top position in the Cabinet. The Central issue is actually the chemistry between the President SBY and JSK as the Vice President, which both person has different nature in handling matters. The background of JSK who is the head of Golkar, is from Sulawesi, where their culture is more of a straight forward person. In addition JSK is having an entrepreneur background where quick business management decision has to be made immediately to avoid the business momentum, and taking the business risks. Whereas, on the other hand SBY is from Jawa, and his back ground is from military, where SBY must take and consider all the views from various angles, which sometimes reflects as being not quick or prompt enough to make a decision, where JSK is being more prompt and quick in deciding a certain issue. Well, actually this can be a good combination and teamwork, but at the same time it could create certain conflict or contradictory perception being observed by the people outside the government circles. This kind of perception by us in the streets, is proofed to be close to a truth perception, as shown by the recent decision made by Golkar last night, where Golkar decided not to be in a coalition with Demokrat Party in the coming Presidential election in Indonesia. Jakarta, April 23, 2009 Agung Supomo Suleiman


Monday, April 27, 2009

Reason Why I am interested in Politic

  • The reason why I can be interested in politic, since as a Business lawyer you are frequently faces with strong businessman who are stronger in its position in dealing and entering into a business arrangement with the other counter business part
  • My Clients who are usually Indonesian Growing Business need some funds or capital injection to support or expand or help its business capacity in trying to seek a better business opportunity and chances.
  • For instance my self I had been experiencing 11 Years trying with my best efforts to exist as a Business Lawyer who are really competing with the other lawyers in this competitive era
  • It is really very hard to became in the same level with the other business law firms and business lawyers
  • I believe we have to be tough and mentally strong to try to survive in this difficult era and second economical global recession
  • Thus we can see that the struggle to survive shall include a certain level of sacrifices and needs some elements of strenght from the Bigger Stronger Elements as the Real Source of Power.
  • Thus I really realized that I have some limitations of Power and I really need the help and assistance not from people or person who has the same and similar weakness as me, but I need some help from the Creator of this Power to survive and succeed in competing to survive and exist in this tough world of competitive.
  • Like all the Parties who are competing to survive as the Leaders in the Executives as well as the Legislative seats, the real deeper questions shall be what are you or we are all seeking???
  • Are we seeking Power for the Sake of Power ??
  • As we can see and observe
  • Fame creates Power
  • Money creates Power
  • Accumulation of Capital creates Power
  • Wealth creates Power
  • Intellectual creates Power
  • Seats in the Parliament creates Power
  • Seats in the Cabinet including President /Vice President creates Power
  • seats in the executives in a Company creates Power
  • Shareholders Meeting creates Power
  • Wealth creates Power
  • Influence creates Power
  • Information creates Power
  • Networking creates Power
  • Are there any responsibilities attached to such Power?
  • The answer of this questions must come and originates from the Creator of the Power.
  • Well, based on my believes, The Holy Books which is the words of GOD says that Human Being are being granted as Leadership or "Khalifah", to conduct the mission to maintain this World to be a good and better place for all of its inhabitants, and not to create destruction but to take care that all of the wealth, fame, influence, network, seats in the Executives, Parliament, Corporations which are granted and allowed by the Creator to us, shall be used, partly distributed for the welfare of mankind and all or the creation created by the Creator including the animals, plants, environments, air, water, river, sea, and the whole universe as a whole.
  • Based on the above, and based on the experience in representing my Clients in the Business Sectors, I learn and is being shaped to be interested in the process of balancing such Power for the good and better welfare of all of the stack holders of this Universe, World and Earth that we are living
  • Jakarta, April 27, 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman
The above article is also published at ALLVOICES GLOBAL MEDIA

Indonesia Political Learning Process

Hi Folks, we can see that Indonesia is entering a political interesting learning process. This emerges after Golkar and Democrat decided to split in its coalition. Yes, this is really very interesting for all of us in Indonesia who is experiencing a grand political coalition process after having the 2nd Real Legislative Election and President Election after the fall of the Former President Suharto in the Year 1998.Within this last days, there are many moves and approaches are taking places between the Parties to seek and found out a coalition between the Parties. How many blocks of coalition and who shall be the Presidential Candidates which will emerge shall be very interesting. The Indonesian Leaders of the Parties realized that the Power of such Presidential and its Vice President has to be made through Constitutional Elements, which are provided under the Indonesian Election rules and systems. There are some significant elements which could be identified among others military background which is discipline, nationalist party which had split into several nationalist parties, ethnics non jawa (for instance Jusuf Kalla) Presidential Candidate and Voters from outside of Jawa, and jawa Presidential Candidate (Susilo Bambang Yidhoyono)/Vice President, religion background and voters, entrepreneur background, which relates to economic improvements including the welfare of the Indonesia people in facing the global changes in politically and economically mapping which is occurring in this World. These are some of the significant elements which has to be taken into considerations by all the Parties who are competing and learning democracy and coalition in Indonesia. Every Nation has its own culture, ethnics, power background and history which is shaping and influencing its political, economical, and democracy learning process.

Jakarta, April 27, 2009

Agung Supomo Suleiman

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Experimental Peace Election Moves

  • Every Nation must be dare to make experimental moves
  • This experimental Moves must be for the well being of mankind of this Nation
  • Dare to make Changes for the well being of the people of this nation
  • We must jump out of the Box
  • We are a freedom Nation who is living in this Globalization Era
  • The Mapping of the "Political Balance" and "Economical Balance" of this world are changing
  • New Power Nation are emerging
  • The Balance of Power of the Nations are changing
  • China and India is emerging
  • How about Indonesia ?
  • This really depends upon the people of this Nation
  • The 5 Years future of this Nation lies in your hands who are the Voters of the New Coming President
  • Don't depend on other nations, but put your dependency in the hands of yourself
  • Remember there is the inner power within yourself as a nation
  • You must all dig the potential within yourself
  • "United We Stand" "Devided We Fall"
  • We as a Nation managed to survive as a nation since the First Economic Recession which hits this Country in 1998
  • Now we are facing the 2nd Economic Crisis which started from the USA who is now being assisted by the Injection of Funds from the Government which are actually the monies of the people of the USA who are paying Taxes.
  • How about Indonesia ?
  • Thanks to God that we have managed and can show the world that we had succeeded in conducting the 9 April 2009 Election of the Peoples House Representatives Peacefully.
  • The Second Phase is Election of the New Coming President
  • Let us show the world that we are a Civilized Nation who can be United as a Nation in holding this coming Presidential Election
  • Bravo Indonesia
  • Bravo the People of Indonesia from Aceh to Papua
  • May God Bless Us as a United Nation so called The Republic of Indonesia
Jakarta, April 13, 2009
Agung Supomo Suleiman

Friday, April 24, 2009

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Shows Real State Man

During the cabinet meeting today the still existing President until October 2009, Susilo Bambang Yudhono makes a statement which is very educative as a States leadership to the people of Indonesia by saying that he will guarantee that the existing Government including SBY and Yusuf Kalla and the cabinet will gurantee continuing governing until October 2009 smoothly. SBY further says that competitive in Presidential Election is normal, where Susilo Bambang Yudhono says that he is the Presidential Candidate from Demokrat Party and Jusuf Kala shall be the Presidential Candidate from Golkar with positive body gesture looking at Jusuf Kalla. SBY further says that it is normal in a Democracy State and Era that at one time you are in one boat or Cabinet and at the other time each other will be in a different places. As a normal Indonesian Citizenship we are really proud of having a mature Real States Man such as Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono who knows how to position himself as the Head State which is in the function of educating the whole people of Indonesia how Democracy must function. At the same time SBY can show the world that Indonesia is processing democracy in the right direction based on the color and characteristic of Indonesia. We can see that the other Parties Leadership such as Yusuf Kalla and Megawati are also showing and educating the whole people how the process of democracy is taking place, whereby Megawati Sukarnoputri ( the former President) as the Head Of PDIP says in the press conference after the meeting with Yusuf Kalla, that PDIP is common and used during the 5 years, to be in the psoition as opposition and says that Yusuf Kalla and Golkar is used to be in the Executive or in the Governing position.I believe that healthy political process is occurring in Indonesia. This is really good and shows that democracy in every country and places must be processed through "learning by doing" and shall follow the "real condition and nature of such country". As we know Indonesia consists of hundreds of islands stretching from Aceh to Papua with multy ethnics, cultures, religions and state of believes, having the population of more than 200 million. Such Great Nation which during its formely late history, experienced being multy separated Monarch, Kings, within the Islands, and was once occupied by the Dutch Country, which initially was controlled by VOC, which is a Dutch Trade Company, due to Indonesian reach of hearbs, during the late years of 1830 ies, Japan for 3 Years, and became a freedom Country namely The Republic of Indonesia, since 17 August 1945 through physical fought bloodsed struggle combined with diplomatic efforts. The first election was held in 1955. But then after the Nation processed through several cabinets and Presidential and Parliament system, there was the period of trying to be "Long Live President Sukarno", which was the "charismatic man" of Never Ending Revolution, during the times of great Leaders such as Nehru from India, Abdul Nasser from Egypt, was there, and held the Asia and Africa Conference in Bandung, but then was taken over by the late President Suharto after the Nation experienced the controversial history, and was then followed by a Centralistic Government under the Former President Suharto, where only 3 Parties exists namely Golkar, PPP and PDI, which is actually all formed and was engineered by the Ruling Party under the control of former President Suharto together with the Strong Fist Military for almost 30 Years. The turning point of Indonesia becoming Democracy, begins in 1998 after the wide spread student movement, all over the country, which occupied the People's House of Representatives at Senayan Jakarta, which formerly also experienced several sporadic student movements, but this former sporadic movement was being controlled by the Centralised Government during such former. During the 1998 students movement, the First Economic crisis which hits the Asian Region starting from Thailand, was also contributing the resigning of the former President Suharto, where several President with short Period had occurred starting from Habibie who was the Vice President, and election takes place where Abdurachman Wahid won the Presidential Election, but was not for so long, which then, Megawati Sukarnoputri become the next President and was the First Woman President in Indonesia. The Subsequent Election was held in 2004, where Susilo Bambang Suyodhono was the winning President even though Demokrat Party was a new formed Born Party, participating in such election and only wins 7 % of the Legislativee Seats in the Parliament.So having said the brief background of this Great Nation of the Republic of Indonesia, with multi ethnics and cultures I hope that the readers in this whole world can grasp a brief view of what is happening in Indonesia at this present moment in the Year 2009. This Nation has the Red and White Flag which symbolized Bravery ( red) and Purity( white) and has the Motto during its independence Merdeka meaning Freedom and the Motto United We Stand and Divided We Fall or in Bahasa Indonesia "Bersatu Kita Teguh Bercerai Kita Runtuh". This Nation even-though contains many Ethnics with its own native Culture and Local Language, and declared to have 1 National Language which is Bahasa Indonesa or Indonesian Langguage which actually was taken from the Language of Melayu where it is originated from the Island of Sumatera which is "the Left Big Island of Indonesia", and having the Motto "Bhineka Tunggal Ika meaning "Many Ethnics/Cultures but Is United in One". That is all for today.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Agung Supomo Suleiman

Jakarta, Indonesia.

Election DAY 9 April 2009

  • In Indonesia today is an important day because it is the election day
  • we vote and elected the parties and the representative from such parties to be the peoples representatives in the Parliament
  • It was really interesting because there are so many Parties who participate in such election
  • The most important thing is that we are being given the chance to select our representative
  • from the registered entitled person to vote in my place it appears only 65% participated exercising their right to vote and came to the election poll
  • some of my friends in other places are not registered as entitled person even though they had been living in their places for a long time and had held the Identity Card as Registered habitat in their places for a long time
  • It appears that the system of the election committee has to be revitalized and improved because it makes the person who cannot participate feels really frustrated.
  • we do not know whether there was a deliberate intention since you may find many similar cases in other parts of the polling election experienced by my other friends.
  • well, we shall see the results of the election in this coming days
Jakarta, 9 April 2009
Agung Supomo Suleiman