Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Everyday Blogging GLOBALLY

Yes, its is kind of a habit for me these days to open my Laptop start Blogging and writing in my Blogs. It is still early in the morning in Jakarta 5.20 AM. and is still dark outside. The air is fresh and cool and it's good for your lungs. I hope that everything is well at your end where ever you maybe. Frankly speaking I really do not know what to write, but as an Independent Professional Blogger, we have to be dedicated with our Blog so that it can still well remain with its content to keep our spirit high. Our today's  Motto is Everyday Blogging Globally. 
The invention of Blogger is really great and genius because it revolutionize the way we communicate Globally and Internationally without any barriers, obstacles and walls. There is no time zone in this Global International Communication Era. Every time you post your Blog, there will be a viewer in one part of this Globe that we can reach with our writing. Anybody who likes to write can Optimize their Writing Skills  and practice everyday by opening our Computer and Blog and start filling the Content of our Blog.

There are million of Bloggers in any place and point in this border-less Global Zone. You can be your own Boss and Master of a Media, by establishing your Own Blog. The important thing is that you have the "Positive Will" to spread out your ideas and share with other Bloggers and viewer around the World. For your easy references I have copy paste several beautiful  Pictures of this Global Friendship Logos from
It really depends upon our-self whether we want to break or make our Blog to become the  most Effective Global Communication Tools to establish and maintain our International Friendship Contacts with the world. So you are the Master of your Own Blog Ship. One of our Bloggers Motto for to day shall be "EVERYDAY BLOGGING  GLOBALLY". It will discipline our self to increase our writing skills ability in expressing ourself with others where you can joint the International Global Blogger Community. By increasing your ability to write you can open the Windows and the Global Doors of this World  from your local point in your Country and spread your ideas around the World. Being a Publisher of your own Blog is really great. So be Local but communicate Globally.
The other part of the world is most curious of your Local Culture and Behavior. But eventually every Metropolitan Capital Cities in this World wants to shape and copy-cat  other ways and styles of leaving, and forget to appreciate their own Ethnic Culture Roots. By watching movies and Television from your TV Screen you feel that you are not in your own country, for a while,  which will for sure creates co-mingled behavior attitude in your mind. There are positive and negative side effects. The Positive side effects is that you can learn other advanced Culture, where most of Mature Nations, can combine their Own Traditional Culture, and live modernly. Such as Korean and Japanese, where they succeed  maintaining  their Traditional Food to be made Internationally Food. In Jakarta you can find many Japanese and Korean Dishes in the Malls.The Negative Effects that there are Violent Movies which will influence our Society behavior in our subconscious mind. 
Directly from your home you can watch several different TV Channels, from Asia such as Korea, Japan. From Europe you can watch German and French Channels. Relating to news there are CNN, BBC, Aldjazeera, KBS News, besides you own Local TV News. So there is really a Cross-Culture Solid Trend and Waves occurring in this world, where we are all connected to each other Globally and Locally. New World Power Trend is shaping, where not only USA plays the main role, but New Power such as China, India is also shaping the direction of this world. So you can really make a comparison between these various cultures, lifestyle, technology from many countries around the Globe. 
The important thing, which we can capture and digest are among others we can definitely broader our mind and can really be always eager to learn from other Countries, Cultures, Way of Leaving, Life style, Main Food, Technologies, Financial, Laws, Educations, Animal Life,  Histories which can answer the How, Why, What Questions to increase our Knowledge.
Well folks, I think this is far enough that I can   share with  the Great and Wonderful Viewers from all around the Globe during this Morning Coffee Break.

Cheers.....Hasta La Vista.

Jakarta, 19 May, 2016

Agung Supomo Suleiman



Monday, April 25, 2016

Limitation Boundary Freedom of Thoughts

It has been quite a while that I did not enter to this Blog of mine. Well I think one must be freelly  Independent to express his thought, however there must be some certain corridor  or  limitation  of  knowledge,  if it relates to the elemen of  "faith" and "believe" system, which  from generation to  generation is or are based on the teachings sourcing from  a certain believer, spread by a messanger who is the proxy and sent by the Creator,  reminding us  that this Universe including live, does not just pop up by accident, but has to be based on a "certain Well Planned  Grand Design made by the "Creator alone", without any help and / or intervention from others, since  human being thoughts are limited to "human being thinking" and not "Godly thinking",  in terms of where do we go after we die, buried  in the ground,   since without any doubt,  there is a limit of age to every person who was ever living in this world. 
  • The precise rational reason, is that  for sure  every person who ever lives in this earth are "not eternal",  but is limited to a certain periode of time or age of living. We all are fully aware that any sickness can be cured except aging,  where like other materials whatsoever form in this world shall have its life time. Human being knowledge is merely  limited to what he can physically see  or could be detected by an instrument like electronic wave or sound and light. However, relating to the soul element, nobody knows what elemen is the soul comprises of  or made of. And once a person dies, physically a Doctor through his diagnosis can  answer the cause of the disfunction of his or her  physical organ, but the soul of such person cannot be detected or be prevented to "Exit" from the physical body of such dying person. 
  • Accordingly, the only rational way to try to get an answer, as to what will happen to the soul of a person who died, cannot be guesed by us as human being, and can only be answered by the Creator who had created this human being. We can't see the Creator of this human being, but based on our faith,  we believe that there must be a Creator who Created this Universe including whatever that is living or is inside this World; FurthermoreThe Creator has to be alive  eternally and continously  to manage and maintain the living and continuing of this Universe, including the world that we are living in. Whether we are a biliever or not,  such human being's soul  must go somewhere to smow place and cannot "just vanish like a dust".    

The logical answer to this is because what ever deeds which are being conducted by a person during his lifetime must be accountably evaluated  so that justice must be made and satisfied by all his or her surroundings during his or her living time. One of the reason is because everything in this world is relative, in the sense from what angle are we each looking or viewing to a matter. 
In light of the above way of thinking, there are certain line where we are limited in our wildest thought to explore the unseen, such as the ALL Mighty, as well as the question as to where are the souls of our relatives and friends who had passed away.
Accordingly the answer to this principal and essential questions, must be based on the information directly from the Creator so that we can  hold  to something more "Solid and Certain" to avoid confuseness and misleading or distraction of direction or path that we will be  going  or achieving  in this temporary life. This will follow to  how must we behave rightfully  in this temporary life that we each have regarding attaching to our age or life time in this world that we are living.
The other Significant Question is perhaps : Is this World that we are living  everlasting and eternal ? or is the world also has a certain period of life  time ? Again to seek the satisfied answer, we cannot based  it  on our wild guessing or thinking, but has to be based on a  correct and perfect information from the Creator of this World, who had created this World including the Galaxy, which of course comes or reached to the Boundary of "Faith".  Accordingly, in the frame thought of the above ilustration, we believe that  freedom of thought has "its limit and boundary", if it talks or try to seek the answer, as to where will a dead person goes after this life in this world,   since a person is undoubtly   limited  of age in terms of living;  Whereby  the world that we are living, according the the Scientist of Earth Knowledge has been already there for hundreds or even thousand of years, which triggers another questuion as to  for how long will this world be there in this Universe.  
Jakarta, 25 April 2016
Agung Supomo Suleiman
Agung Spiritual Blog 


Friday, October 19, 2012

Corridor Of Freedom

Indonesia is in the stage experiencing freedom of expression, however, there must also be certain corridor that has to be followed by this freedom of expression,  which  based on our experience in the real life,  among others are that you must not insult others faith or believe system. You can of course debate and discuss upon certain items relating to this faith issue, but not by insulting or conducting any provocative action, which could disturb social unrest.
  •  There are certain process and progress of learning and educating which had to be followed by a Nation in implementing this freedom of expression; There must not be double standard, which we sometimes  felt are being applied by a big country such as United States of America. In applying Limitation of Nuclear, there appears to be a double standard approach conducted by USA. 
This also are felt when George Bush attacked Iraq, where they claimed that there was a Mass Destruction Weapon done by Sadam Husein or the Authorized Rezime during such period, which in fact was never found nor proven; However, Bush was never trialed of attacking other Nations Territory in the International Tribunal, without any solid legal reasons. So we can see that there are frequently double standard being applied in the real world.      
in Indonesia, the recent victory of Jakarta's Election Governor demonstrated that People's Voters can defeat the Big Politic's  power. However, the next challenge is how in reality will this New Governor cope with all the multi complex problem in  Jakarta. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I like Writting

Yes, I do not why but I really like to express my thoughts in my Blogs. It makes me alive and I feel really exiting in writing in my Blog. Maybe by nature a human being needs to express his feelings and thoughts. When I feel empty and stressful, I start opening my Computer and starts expressing my self in this computer of mine. Today the weather outside is shiny, even though it is in the afternoon. 

Yes, today is saturday afternoon, it is quite silence outside. You can hear the wind blow and see the sun light from your window. The important thing is that you can do whatever you want if you are writing. It is a freedom media in this modern digital Era. You are free to express your thoughts and ideas.You are what you are. You cannot be changed by others judgments.

You have to have commitments in your live. But you also need some times to be alone, and start evaluating yourself. There are always the ups and downs in life. The important thing is you have to be strong and tough.  

You have to focus on the wants and needs in your life journey. For me I really like writing in my blog, Well folks see you on the same channel and same blog Cheers and Good Luck 
Jakarta Saturday 19 February 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Freedom Will

We have to maintain our freedom will to the extent it is not against the belief principles that we  are required to plant it in our heart through honesty and well trust as a human being. Nobody is perfect in this world. the fences of our willIngness to explore our life is guided by the belief system that the Creator of this Universe is ALLAH the ALMIGHTY  where we have to have faith in believing that this Universe is Created by ALLAH the  ALMIGHTY One.

Thus we have to be afraid only to ALLAH since everybody in this Universe is limited and are not perfect. We all have weakness and strength. Nobody is Superman. Everybody needs others to comingle and cooperate and energize with each other.One has to have a character in his attitude. Once in a while you can relax and enjoy by going to the mall with your family and enjoy dringking coffee.  This will  release your stressful working life. But after you regain your power and strenght you can start working and drafting contracts if you are a Business Lawyer as your profession.

Life is really something that we  have to learn in our  day to day life. It is a life process that have to be experienced by every person in their unique manner and style. There is the ups and the downs. You cannot win them all. The important thing is that you have to learn from your mistakes and failure.  Rome is not build in one day.

So just keep on moving on forward and do not be afraid of making and learning new moves in exploring your live. Sorry I have to start working on my drafting contracts due to the dead line schedule attached to my professional task.
3rd January, 2011
Agung S.Suleiman

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

12 Years of Independency

Wouw !! Really it had been 12 Years since 1 June 1998,  I have tasted the freedom of life of not being under the control of any Direct Boss except as Business Lawyer relation  between Client and the Business Lawyer. There are the minus and the plus if you are on your own. 

You may be free but your cash-flow  is like a  Roller Coaster. For sure the significant facts of life is that live goes on every Year where for every Year for calculation purposes there are 12 Months. Relating to be freedom, every day of every week and  every week of every months you need to have monies to accommodate your needs. 

  • There are the needs of the Special Purpose Vehicle ("SPV")  for conducting your freedom ventures which can be a  Firm which for me  is a Law Firm now called Suleiman Agung & Co.  
Sometimes the cash in is in the beginning of the Year, but it could be on the middle of the Year with the meaning there are no cash in for the first 6 months of the running Year. There may  be  instances that the cash-in is between the first 6 month or  at the end or in between the second half  of the running Year.
    • Based on my above personal experience, in being 12 Years independent  the amount of the cash-in may differ one to the other of every running Year. This of course may really affect the condition of your family needs. There are even  events  where your family monies will absorb the negative cash flow of your SPV. And you may wonder whether these monies will have its return or pay off or just for a long time sink in your Venture  without knowing when it will be returned back  through cash-in from your Venture
  • Thus selecting yourself as an independent life is not easy. There are sacrifices  in terms of cash flows and also in terms of mental and physical health. But I have the perception that as long as we live,  there are always the ups of downs in  live, where you may be surprised that  you may experienced of being called by your potential Customer to assist them as their Corporate Lawyer in running  their business ventures. 
  • Well,  the result of being independent in one field may take a long time and process, but by having done the real and actual  experience of being independent on your own in a certain professional field, you may not realize that you have been known by your contacts, networks, or friends or from mouth to mouth in the business community,  which with the permit of the Creator of this life,  you have market yourself through your professional Vehicle to be expertise or at least known of specializing in a certain field of professional venture.
  •  As a Believer you have the faith that Life is only twice, where the  first life is  in this temporary world and the second life is in the Day of Hereafter after we die. Whether  we like it or not, every person will die when the time as determined by the Creator has come, where we as a person cannot delay such time, because it is The Creator's Sole Discretion  

  • The Important thing is that we must be aware  of this life progress and must always be aware of the things that we are doing since we are accountable of all the things that we are doing in this world      


    Yes, you have to jump out of the Pandero BOX that blog your mind. Be creative. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Life is full of surprises. In order for you to really feel freedom you have to make experimental moves in your life. Just do it and do not wait until tomorrow.Today is the time for you to face reality in this world. 
    either as a worker in a Company which is a Fixed Income Take Home Pay or Salary. If you are ready to be on your own, you have to calculate all the financial risks that you may face which is : no services provided or product sold by you and purchased by your Customer it means No Cash In to your Pocket. 

    Well, marketing which results succeed in selling your product or services is really significant. You have to market yourself and let the outside world now who you are and what line of business are you on line or on the market or business community. Are you selling services or products ?  Sometimes it needs a mental switch for us to be brave to market and go out and let know the business community who you are. To the extent that you are honest, sincere and mastering  your field of business you have to develop the courage to be yourself. You can learn from your failure and mistakes and you can learn from others how to manage the marketing or getting you services or products ordered by someone out there. FEEDBURNER AGUNGSS Business Lawyer Pricing of your Services or Products might be an obstacle.You need to seek and explore this significant issue because this is the essential bread and butter of your cash in and cash flow. Life is not easy but you have to be tough in facing and handling yourselves before you can be beneficial   to others. So be optimist and don't be afraid in pursuing your goals and feel the freedom of your mindset and heart. Follow your instinct and heart.